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Blonde Hair Shades

Different Blonde Hair Shades to Help You Pick the Right One

Blonde shades are popular as hair colors for highlighting, low lighting, or dyeing your hair completely. One should know the options available before using them for coloring.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2018
Beautiful Blond Woman In Town
Blonde is a light hair color, formed naturally because of low levels of a pigment called eumelanin. The shade can be very yellow in color, or be dark and come very close to brown, or have a hint of red, or a golden hue.
Blonde Woman In Blue Jacket
This is a warm hair color, hence people who have warm skin tones and eye color shades should go for this. Skin tones that are warm, are brown, with pink or golden undertones, freckled complexion, pale complexion with peach or golden undertones, and a ruddy complexion.
Beautiful Blonde Girl
The eye color can be green, golden brown, greenish blue, hazel with brown. If you have any of these complexions or eye colors then go for blonde shades for highlights, lowlights, bleaching, or dyeing.
People who don't fall in the warm skin and eye color category, should rather go for shades like shiny raven black, cool shades like mink or icy white, wheat or ash color highlights, or burgundy and purple color ideas. Here are the most commonly observed and opted blonde hair shades as hair color ideas.
Fashion blonde with stylish short hairstyle
This is the lightest shade of blonde hair color, it comes very close to white. To get this color, one needs to bleach and tone their hair. This is best opted by people who have short hair.
Perfection. Gorgeous Female with Frizzy Ashen Healthy Hair
This is quite common among colors that are used for highlights. Avoid completely bleaching your hair into this shade, instead opt for some highlights on a lighter color, and then opt for a darker shade of base color and add some lowlights, to achieve a nice textured look.
This is slightly darker shade compared to ash blonde hair. In this color, the hue of yellow is prominent. You can bleach your hair into this color, and style it more with a few platinum blonde highlights.
Around the palm
Beautiful girl blonde with an elegant hairstyle
This is a medium dark shade of blonde, that looks great on people with a warm skin tone. You can dye your hair in this color, and accompany it with medium or dark brown lowlights, to create a nice textured look.
Beautiful young woman in Barcelona and looking at camera.
These are stunning shades of hair color. When golden streaks are nicely placed on brown or neutral blonde hair shades, they can look great and give a sun kissed look.
Portrait of a smiling woman on the beach at sunset
If you have a cooler skin tone, and still wish to go blonde, then this is perfect for you. This color is closer to brown and hence looks nice. Dye your hair in this shade, and accompany some skinny foil streaks which are 1-2 shades lighter than sandy blonde.
Pretty strawberry blond girl on green background
In this, tinge of red or orange is prominent. This suits a warm skin tone. You can dye your hair strawberry blonde and accompany it with some yellow or golden streaks.
Beautiful woman with make up
This is a good choice for a brown base color or dark colors. It looks attractive, but not as overwhelming as golden hair color.
So, pick the right shade according to your skin tone, and accompany it with the right hair color ideas, to create nicely textured hair.