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Splendid Black Hair Weave Styles to Look Your Alluring Sleek Best

Black Hair Weave Styles
From Tyra Banks to Beyonce, when it comes to styling up one's hair, weave styles seem to win hands down.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: May 28, 2018
Curly weaves hairstyle
When it comes to hairstyles the options are unlimited. From curling to perming to adding hair extensions; one has a vast array of haircut styles and ideas to choose from. One very popular way of styling hair is having it weaved. This hairstyle gives an elegant, sophisticated, and sleek look.
Besides serving the purpose of enhancing looks, hair weaving can help a woman to have thicker and longer hair. Some women weave hair to experiment with colors and styles. Hair weaving means attaching synthetic or real human hair onto the head by braiding (weaving) it to the natural hair. Besides braiding, cornrows are also popularly used for hair weaving.
Weave Styles for Black Hair
Straight Hairstyle
Attractive Young Brunette Woman
Be it natural or synthetic hair, there are a large variety of straight hair extensions available, that come in varying length and color. While choosing the color of the hair extension, be careful that it suits your skin tone.
Smiling Young Woman
When wearing straight weave hair, one could let it loose, braid it or just tie it into a ponytail. As the length could also vary, increasing the length of hair to reach down to the waist or shoulder is also a good option.
Curly Styles
Woman With Curly Hair
Curly weaves give a youthful and peppy look. For those who have short hair, adding curly weaves to the front and top with the back exposed is a great way to make the hair look fuller.
Wild Hair Woman
For a little longer length, a curly bob that just touches the shoulder would look great. Long curly hair that reaches the mid-back looks sexy and feminine.
Braided Hairstyles
Beautiful young woman
This black hairstyle with weave is for the busy woman who cannot spend a lot of time styling her hair everyday. The good thing about black braided hairstyle with weaves is that besides looking good they can be styled just like normal loose hair.
They can be allowed to hang loose, pulled back, twisted together, or even braided further. Braided weave hairstyles can be worn in a bun or ponytail too. Depending upon how much hair extension is added to each braid, the thickness of the hair can also be varied.
Hair Weaving Tips
Although synthetic hair can be used for hair weaving, one drawback with this hair is that once you buy straight synthetic hair you can't curl them. Also those who have sensitive hair or skin may prefer human hair to the synthetic variety as the latter may lead to certain allergies.
It is important to find a good hairstylist while undergoing hair weaving. The procedure takes time, and if after spending long hours, your hair does not turn out to be like you expected, then it could be very disappointing.
Also, scalp and hair problems can be aggravated by the process of weaving. Hence it is important that the hair stylist first evaluates your hair type to be sure that hair weaving is a good idea.