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Look Super Cool With These Versatile Black Hair Braid Hairstyles

Black Hair Braid Hairstyles
Black hair braid hairstyles look quite good on African-American women, and are most suitable during the warmer months. This article includes some most popular and mostly worn black hair braid hairdos...
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Apr 14, 2018
Braids are formed when three sections of hair are plaited together. They generally look good on African-American women. Due to their versatility and the ability to give the person a new unique appearance, they are also being worn by people all over the world.
Black Hair Braid Hairstyles
Black hair braid styles first originated in Africa, after which African-Americans wore them in a different manner with unique styles. These hairstyles are appropriate for both men as well as women. Braids can be turned into various styles and patterns to give you a cool look. Moreover, apart from looking good, you also need not worry about managing your hair. These hairstyles just need some amount of hair care and maintenance. The process of making braids can be time-consuming, but after getting black hair braids, hairstyles can be changed into many different patterns to have a customized look, without having the need to unbraid them.
Cornrows black teenager
This haircut consists of the hair made into braids that are set very closely to the scalp. When plaits are made on the head, they look like rows of corn in a field, hence their name 'cornrows'. They can be set into many different cornrow designs such as zigzag, circular, and several other styles. This hairstyle is mostly suitable for children and young men. However, in some cases, women might also prefer to wear it.
Tree Braids
Girl with tree braids
A tree braid hairstyle is another popular black hair braid hairstyles. It is quite similar to micro braids, but unlike micro braids, the hair is not braided to the end. The hair stylist will cornrow all of your natural hair starting from the scalp, and then weave the natural hair onto the rows. This will enable you to have any kind of hairstyle that you want, and also make it look and feel more natural as compared to micro braiding. Tree braids are one of the best black hair braid weave styles for African-American women. Tree braids can be either curly, wavy or straight, and are either cornrow based or micro braid based.
Short Single Braids
Short single braids
Short single braids are the best hairstyles for African-American women who have short hair. This hairdo gives a very neat and professional look to women. It consists of braids that are made up of hair which is till the shoulders. In short single braids, you can also put beads at the end if you want.
Micro Braids
Black woman with microbraids
These black hairstyles are also called invisible or pixie braids. Micro braids enables your hair to have a natural movement, allowing you to wear different patterns. Micro braid hairstyles are simply made by plaiting very small sections of hair. Wearing this hairdo is not recommended for people having dry or brittle hair, as it does not suit such hair.
Thick Braid
Thick braids
This hairstyle relates to all the hair being braided into a big braid which can be left relaxed or woven into itself as a bun. The main braid can be woven into many other complex patterns. In this hairdo, the entire hair is used to make the braid, and not just particular sections.
You will find many different types, such as micro twists, yarn braids, locks, etc. Micro cornrow hairstyles are a blend of micro braids and cornrows, that are made on short or long hair. From the front, it would look like a cornrow, and from behind it would look like single micro braids. Long single braid hairstyles are made on hair a bit below the shoulder. The plaits are similar to that of short single braids, but on longer hair. If you are looking for a different hairstyle that requires little to no maintenance, the hairstyles mentioned above can radically change your look.
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