Best Short Haircuts for 2012

Being a fashionista is all about knowing what's in and what's out, so if you feel that you need to catch up on the latest trends in short hairstyles, let me make things easier for you. Scroll down to learn about some of the best short hairstyles for the year 2012.
The year 2012 saw some of the famous celebrities from Hollywood such as Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, Ginnifer Goodwin and Miley Cyrus sport short haircuts. For women who love their long locks, the decision to cut their hair short is never an easy one. But, short hair can certainly give you a nice makeover if the haircut suits your face shape. Not only are short hairdos easy to manage, these will also make you look sassy and stylish. Why don a boring hairdo, when there are so many trendy hairstyles that can totally change the way you look!

Short Haircuts for Women

Keep it Short and Sexy with a Short Bob or a Pixie Cut!

Bob hairstyles are incredibly stylish, low-maintenance hairstyles that never go out of fashion. Right from the 1920s, when women began to have their hair styled into a classic bob up to the present, bob hairdos have topped the list of popular fashionable hairdos due to the way this hairstyle has been modified to suit varied face shapes.

A very short crop bob, choppy bob, graduated bob, asymmetrical bob and inverted bob are some of the variations of short bob hairstyles. A jaw-length graduated bob is probably one of the best short hairstyles for oval faces. Most women also look great in chin-length blunt bob along with Cleopatra bangs. Those who have thin hair can don a simple bob with some angled cuts for a fuller look. One can also give flair to a short bob with the help of soft curls or flipped ends. A short wedge bob is another hairstyle wherein the hair at the back is cut starting from the back hairline and each layer is snipped a little longer than the layer underneath. The wedge cutting technique that gives a stacked or a tapering look at the back can be combined with Cleopatra bangs or side-swept bangs at the front.

Pixie cut
Sexy woman with short hair

Woman with asymmetrical cut
Sexy woman with short hair

Woman with very short hair
Sexy woman donning bob with bangs

If you are not worried about cutting your hair short, then a very short, sassy hairdo that you could sport is the short pixie haircut. A super short pixie can work wonders for women who have fine features. This hairdo will draw attention to your features and accentuate them. Those who have a round face or a heart-shaped face can also sport a short pixie cut with a bit of height. Women who have a square-shaped face should make sure that hair is textured to provide softer edges. This will take the focus away from the jaw line. Layering at the sides can make the pixie cut a great face-framing hairstyle. The hair at the front can be styled into choppy bangs in order to complete the look. You can also style your tresses in a spiky hairdo. A gamine crop that is kept short at the neckline and the bang area, but longer at the crown, can look great too. You could have the hair ruffled or spiked at the crown. All you need to do is use hairstyling gel, in order to create messy waves or spiky look. Those who are not afraid to cut their tresses very short, can also try the buzz cut or short crop cut.

Go for Shoulder-length Haircuts for a Less Dramatic, Softer Look

If you are not too keen on getting your hair styled in a super short haircut, you can always sport an ultra chic shoulder-grazing bob hairstyle. A great idea would be to style your hair in a bob that is slightly longer, with hair at the front falling below the chin. You could also go for an inverted bob with side-swept bangs.

Woman with classic short bob
Sexy woman donning bob with bangs

Woman with short bob posing
Sexy woman with short wedge looking up

Short hair with bangs
Sexy woman donning a classic bob

Woman with short wavy hair
Sexy woman with short hairstyle with side part

Some women can also pull off the inverted bob with bangs that are cut across the forehead. Angled bob or a choppy bob are other options that are available to women who are not in the favor of having their hair styled in a super short hairdo. If the length of the hair is anywhere between your chin and your shoulder, you can go in for a side-parted wavy version of bob with long side sweeping bangs.

An asymmetrical bob is another version of bob, where hair on one side is kept longer than the other. Adding layers and incorporating bangs can also do the trick. A side-parted short wavy hairstyle would also look fabulous.

Short Haircuts for Men

These days, men are equally conscious about the way they look. No wonder, hairstylists are busy looking for innovative ideas on hairstyling options for men. Here are some of the best short hairstyles for men that look great.

Model with short hair
Handsome guy with short hair

Man with very short hair
Smart guy with a short hairstyle

Stylish man sporting a short hairstyle
Handsome guy donning short hairstyle

Man with stylish short hair
Handsome guy with short wavy hair

Very Short Haircuts
Men who want to keep it real short, can sport trendy haircuts such as crew cut, buzz cut or a fade hairstyle. One can also sport a tapered fade haircut, where hair is tapered from the crown to the nape progressively in shorter layers. In a tapered fade haircut, hair at the crown area is cut very short, and hair at the sides and back is cut even shorter. The tapered hair blend evenly throughout, giving a neat look. An undercut with a side part and a side-sweeping forelock that is brushed upwards from the forehead may work wonders for some men. While hair is kept shorter at the sides and the back, the forelock can give volume. The slicked back short hairstyle looks quite formal and stylish at the same time. Men with straight hair can opt for this haircut. Men can also don the indie look by brushing their hair forwards.

Short Wavy/Layered Haircuts
Well, some men look super hot in the messy look. If your hair is wavy or curly, you can keep it short at the sides, with longer waves at the crown area. Interlocking waves at the top with certainly look stylish. Men with thick hair can sport short layered hairstyles. Men can get their hair textured with the help of a razor. Short razor hairstyles will definitely make your hair easier to manage. Incorporating wispy ends to the textured layers throughout will certainly look stylish. Such layered hairstyles look good on oblong, oval or square face shape. You can also style your tresses in asymmetrical layered haircuts. Shag haircuts can also give an edgy look. Men with an angular face or a prominent jawline can sport a haircut where the hair is kept shorter at the back and hair at the crown and sides is kept longer.

Spiky Haircuts
Spiky hairstyles are very much in vogue. Hair can be spiked at the front or throughout. Hairstyling gel can be used for creating tousled or messy waves. You can also sport a faux hawk, which is basically a toned down version of the punk hairstyle called Mohawk. In this hairdo the hair that is kept longer at the center is spiked. Unlike the Mohawk, the hair at the sides is not shaved, so, this is a safer option. Those who don a faux hawk can spike their hair when they wish to look cool and comb them to get a toned-down look.

While making a decision regarding the short hairstyle you would style your tresses in, make sure that you look for a hairdo that suits your face shape as well your hair texture. So, out of the hairstyles given above, select the one that accentuates your facial features and hides your facial flaws, if any.