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Snip, Snip! The Best Haircuts for Round Faces are Here

Best Haircuts for Round Faces
A haircut should suit your face shape and reflect your inner style and personality. Here, we will discuss best haircuts for round faces that will look good on you.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Have you ever gone to your stylist and had a haircut and then realized that it did not suit you? Many people make the mistake of getting a haircut by imitating their favorite celebrity and end up looking not too good. The main thing to remember while getting a haircut is to get one that is suitable for your face shape. This plays a vital role in your ultimate look and if you choose a haircut that does not gel with your face shape, it is bound to end in a disaster. There are basically five face shapes, round, oval, rectangular, heart shaped and square. People who have round face shape like Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones, Cameron Diaz and Kate Bosworth should get haircuts that takes off the volume from around the face to minimize the roundness. If the length of your face is almost equal to the width of your cheekbones, then you have a round shaped face. Here we will discuss in detail which haircuts are suitable for round faces.
Haircuts for Round Faces
A person with a round shaped face has full cheeks with round chin and without sharp cheekbones. Many women who have a round face wrongly think that there are no haircuts that will suit them. The challenge here is to find a haircut that will emphasize your natural beauty without making your face look fat. Face framing layers with wispy ends is one of the best haircuts for round face. Since you have fuller cheeks, it is best to get a cut that does not have too much volume on the sides. Face framing layers creates the illusion of slimness and this layers can be paired with an extreme side part. If you have thick hair, then this is a great haircut to opt for. You should strictly avoid a center part, as this draws the eyes towards your forehead and makes your face look longer. Haircut styles for round faces should be chosen with care as the wrong cut will completely ruin your look.

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Haircuts for Women
Short Bob Haircut for woman with round face
Short Bob Haircut for woman with round face
African-American woman Short Bob Haircut round face
Haircut for woman with round face short curly hair
Haircut for woman with round face short hair
Haircut for woman with round face straight hair
Haircuts for Men
African-American man haircut Afro hair
Round face man haircut for curly hair
Round face man haircut for short hair
Round face man haircut for spiky hair
Round face man haircut for spiky hair
Round face man haircut for wavy hair
There are many round face haircuts for short hair. If you have short hair than getting a short shaggy haircut is your best way to minimize your full features. It adds texture and definition to your hair and unlike long haircuts it does not weigh down your face. Get a short haircut with a side part, flipped ends and choppy bangs. Alternatively you can get the famous pixie haircut as seen on Rihanna. It is a layered and razor haircut with close cropped layers that frame the face and long bangs that falls seductively over the eyes. This haircut is also quite easy to style at home and all you need to maintain the look is a large round brush, hair mousse and a flat iron to straighten bangs.

Those with long hair are really lucky because there are many good haircuts for round faces for women with long tresses. You can opt for a long layered haircut. Ask your stylist to give you a haircut that has a lot of long layers. The first layer should ideally skim your chins as they help to create a more oval shape and it also visually elongates your face. Curl the rest of your hair in soft graceful and loose curls. This will soften the roundness of your face and give you a very feminine look. Whatever you do stay away from perming your hair or creating tight curls as they will add more bulk and volume to the sides of your head which is a strict no no. For those with medium length hair and round face, it is best to gently curl your hair just below the ears in soft waves. Best haircuts for round face with curly hair is to create side sweeping bangs that fall across one eye. Apply a smoothing serum and straighten the bangs with a flat iron and cut the rest of your hair in a single layer.
These were some of the best haircuts for round faces. Before going for a haircut, go through some latest magazines to find pictures of haircuts suitable for round faces. An ideal haircut for round faces is one that will help to elongate the face and bring out the bone structure. These are some ways in which you can have a sleek and sophisticated haircut that will flatter your face shape.
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