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Best Hair Color for Green Eyes to Get a Super Glamorous Look

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes
The best hair colors that complement serene green eyes are mostly the shades of brown, chocolate, burgundy and red. However, it depends entirely on your skin tone, original hair color, and hairstyle.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
*Colors are Deceiving*
"Hair color as we see it, is actually the reflection of light of the colored pigments in the hair shaft. No wonder hair that is colored looks different under fluorescent light and normal sunlight!"

Finding the right hair color for green eyes is not just about picking up the next hair color box that you find in a drugstore. There are many elements that you need to consider when choosing the right hair color. Your analysis should be based on your skin tone, the color of your eyes and the actual or rather existing color of your hair.
Ideal Hair Colors for Emerald Eyes
Along with the color of your eyes, it is your skin tone that is the most important factor for determining the perfect hair color. Those with a yellow or golden skin undertone, have a warm skin tone, often referred to as the "peaches and cream" complexion. The ones with the pink and blue skin undertones fall into the cool skin tone. So the hair color that suits a woman with fair, pinkish skin and green eyes might look totally uncharacteristic and "washed out" on a woman with olive skin tone and green eyes.
Green Eyes and Olive Skin
Summer woman
The best hair color for green eyes and olive skin, or for people with warmer skin undertones are caramel and bronze in a shade darker than your skin. Avoid the brassy blondes or any of the lighter shades of blondes as they can make you look totally washed out. Plum and burgundy highlights, brown, dark brown and black are the best hair colors for green eyes and olive skin.
Green Eyes and Tanned Skin
Green-eyed beauty
For people who have green eyes and a tanned skin, deep chocolate browns look the best. You may, however, also give colors like champagne and beige a try. Basically, all the shades of brown - light and dark ones - look good for green eyes and beautifully tanned skin.
Green Eyes and Fair Skin
Portrait of red-haired young woman.
Choosing the best hair color for green eyes and fair skin is quite easy. Fair skinned women can definitely opt for hair color shades in red, browns, black and blonde. Shades of red are absolutely stunning and are probably the best hair color. Blonde shades or honey blonde highlights can also lighten your look and emphasize your eye color. Watch out for warm shades gold, auburn or copper which can only end up in highlighting the ruddiness of the skin.
Choose a hair color based on what you're trying to accomplish and how long you want your color to last. If you are someone with a lower commitment level, try going in for semi-permanent hair color that you can wash out after a few weeks. Make sure to take the strand test before you can find out which is the hair color for green eyes that suits your skin tone. If even after taking a strand test, you still cannot figure out the hair color shade that makes your eyes pop, it would be best to take some professional guidance. This is of course any day better than paying a bomb to fix your hair.
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