Benefits of Egg Yolk on Hair

You must have heard people saying that egg yolk is good for hair. What are the benefits of this treatment on hair and how can it be used? These are the two questions we have addressed in this article. Read on to know more...
HairGlamourista Staff
Every woman loves to have shiny, thick hair with a soft texture. However, due to repeated exposure to sunlight, dust, dirt, pollution and harsh chemicals present in hair care products, the hair becomes dull and lifeless. Even the hair growth is affected. Sometimes, the hair is so badly damaged that use of a regular hair conditioner fails to bring about improvement in the hair condition. At this point of time, your hair needs some extra nourishment which can be provided by the yolk. The reason why more and more women prefer to use egg yolk is that it is absolutely safe for the hair and is not at all expensive.

Benefits of Egg Yolk on Hair

The essential nutrients that are present in egg yolk are: high quality protein, vitamins like A, E, & D, high amount of sulfur and fatty acids. Egg yolk is a good natural hair conditioner because of all these nutritional components. Some of the important effects are as follows:
  • Hair turns dry due to lack of moisture in it. When egg yolk is applied on rough, frizzy hair, it acts like a natural moisturizer and hydrates the hair. As a result, the original soft and smooth texture of the hair is restored.
  • The protein content of the yolk adds strength to the hair follicles and make the hair roots stronger.
  • The nutrients in egg yolk repair damaged, brittle hair and prevent hair breakage.
  • Vitamins A and E in egg yolk controls hair loss problems really well.
  • Fatty acids in egg yolk bring back healthy natural shine and luster to your hair.
  • Those who have unmanageable frizzy hair should use egg yolk to make the hair more easily manageable.
  • Sulfur and vitamin B12 of an egg's yolk helps the hair grow faster. This will increase the volume of the hair and you can flaunt your thick hair soon.
Using Egg Yolk for Hair

Egg yolk needs to be used differently for treating different kinds of hair problems. A few simple methods of treatment are:

As Hair Conditioner
You just need one ripe avocado and one egg yolk. Firstly, mash the avocado to make a smooth paste. Then pour the yolk over it and mix the two ingredients thoroughly. Shampoo your hair with the regular shampoo which is suitable for your hair type. Then apply this paste all over the hair. Allow it to stay on the hair for the next 15 minutes. Then wash off with cold water. This natural hair conditioner is suitable for all types of hair and will bring about marked improvement in the overall condition of the hair.

As Hair Moisturizer
The main ingredients of this natural moisturizer are one tablespoon of yogurt, one tablespoon of honey, half tablespoon of almond oil and of course, one egg yolk. Beat the yolk first and then add all the other ingredients into it. Whisk this mixture properly to obtain a solution of uniform consistency. Now, massage this solution on the entire scalp and then coat the hair strands with it. Cover your head with a shower cap for about one hour. Then wash off with cold water. This will reduce the dryness of the hair and also repair damage.

To Control Hair Loss
This treatment helps in deep conditioning of the hair and stop hair fall. Two egg yolks, two tablespoons of olive oil and a cup of water are used for this treatment. Mix all three of them in a small bowl and apply it on the scalp and hair generously. Then massage your scalp with the tips of your finger for 5 minutes so that all the ingredients get absorbed into the hair roots. Then leave the hair mask untouched for the next 15 minutes. Finally wash off the hair with lukewarm water.

If your hair is in an extremely damaged state, you may not notice any improvement in the first few weeks of using egg yolk on the hair. Act patiently. Keep using this treatment once in a week for one month before you can see the difference. After your hair condition improves, do not stop using egg yolk as hair conditioner. You still need it to maintain healthy hair and prevent any further hair damage.