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Asymmetrical Haircuts

These Fancy Asymmetrical Haircuts are Way Too Hip and Enticing

Asymmetrical haircuts look bold and edgy, and most important of all they look different! Here is a post that will give you information to learn about the various asymmetrical styles.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Asymmetrical styles like graduated bob have been made popular by celebs like Victoria Beckham and Rihanna.

Asymmetrical bangs which are the side sweeping bangs have been used for styling hairstyles for long time, but now we get to see various variations of asymmetrical bangs, and some styles show stunning asymmetrical bangs accompanied with haircuts and bold hair colors.
Styles to Consider
Here, are various asymmetrical haircut styles, out of which you can choose the style you like the most.
Short Styles with Long Bangs
These styles look great on women and men. To get these short punk hairstyles cut the hair near the nape of your neck very short. Keep the sides of the haircut short, and keep the front section of the hair long and cut it into long side sweeping bangs. Then snip off some hair from the bangs, so that the strands look well separated. Style this hair with a side parting, with some hair falling on your eyes. To add more to your style, add some bold hair colors near the crown, like red on a base of a brown hair.
Graduated Asymmetrical Styles
Graduated bob haircuts are very popular and are the most common asymmetrical styles. These easy to maintain haircuts are opted by women and girls both. To cut your hair into these styles, cut the hair near the nape of your neck short and the hair on the sides longer. Keep one side shorter and one side longer and tapering. Complement with side sweeping bangs.
Short Bobs with Blunt Asymmetrical Bangs
Many bowl bob hairstyles can be seen with blunt bangs which are cut asymmetrical. To get this style cut your hair into a bob till your chin length. Style this hair inwards, by blow drying. Then to get the asymmetrical style take a front section of your hair and cut it into blunt bangs, with a curve that is longer on one side and shorter near the crown on the other side. To look bolder in this look, go with some hair coloring ideas, like mixing two contrasting colors like black and blonde, color bottom hair into black, and top half into blonde.
Long Hairstyles
To get long hairstyles which look asymmetrical, you will need to be brave, as to get this style you need to shave some of your hair! To get this style side part your hair, and shave the hair below the lower side of the parting. Style the rest of the hair into wavy locks. If you don't wish to shave your hair, then you can cut them into small crops. However, if you want to go for such dramatic long haircut, then use these styling tips to get the asymmetric hair look. Side part your hair, and style them wavy, and using pins place all the hair on side of your shoulder.
Choppy Hairstyles
These styles are like graduated bob asymmetrical styles. But, graduated bob gives a more formal look, while choppy haircuts and styles give a more bold look. To get these medium length styles cut your hair at the back shorter, and the hair on the sides longer, keeping one side longer cut than other. Accompany this style, with short blunt side bangs. Then, to get the choppy effect, take a strand of your hair hold it a 45 degree angle, tilt your scissor and make the cut. This way cut all the hair strands, keeping the length uneven. If you don't want the choppy haircut look, then consider running a razor over your haircut, to get the soft wispy ends look.
Haircut Ideas
So, select an asymmetrical bob cut for a formal look, for a bold look go with the choppy or short asymmetrical cuts, and add some hair color ideas to make your hairdo look even more unique!
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