Explore These Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for a Fresh Chic Look

Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts
Here are various unique ideas on asymmetrical bob haircuts, that will help you choose a fresh new asymmetrical bob hairstyle...
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Last Updated: Jul 4, 2017
Bob haircuts are one of the perfect hairstyles. They are neither too short nor are they very long. They are easy to maintain and style. There are like hundreds of variations of bobs. So, choosing a style can be a bit difficult. First let us discuss some basic bobs and then let us look at the various asymmetrical bob haircuts and ideas. The classic bob style is the blunt bob, which is cut evenly all over. This means the hair length is the same all over. Then comes the U or V shape bob, which is cut in such a way that the hair will have U or V shape appearance at the back. In these two styles, the hair at the back are longer and the hair on sides is shorter.

Now, something which is the opposite of these styles is very popular, which is the inverted bob. In an inverted bob the hair at the back are cut short near the nape of the neck, and the hair on sides is kept longer. As the inverted bob started gaining more and more popularity, one variation of inverted bob which is the asymmetrical bob become popular. Asymmetrical bob are very unique inverted bobs. They look more stylish than normal inverted bob. There are various ways to cut asymmetrical bob. Either you can go with a straight sleek style, or use some layering or stacking effect to give your asymmetrical bob the extra edge.

Ideas on Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

Here are various ideas on long, medium and short asymmetrical bob hairstyles. So, you can choose an idea depending upon your hair length.

Short Asymmetrical Bob
Short asymmetrical bob can be as short, till the nape of the neck, or till chin length. Here are the various ideas on short bob...
  • Try getting a super short pixie bob haircut. Get lots of choppy layers, and get one side of the hair cut longer than the other and pair with side sweeping bangs. Keep the edges of the hair tapering.
  • Get a sleek bob without any layers, and just keep one side longer than the other. Tuck the hair which are shorter behind the ear. No bangs are required for this sleek style.
  • Try a short stacked bob, with the hair cut edgy and into pieces.
Medium Asymmetrical Bob
For medium asymmetrical bob you can keep the hair length till the middle of the neck or touching your shoulders. Given below are some ideas on medium asymmetrical bob styles...
  • Cut your hair into an asymmetrical bob. Then style your hair wavy for a sexy glamorous look. Pair it with dangling earrings.
  • Get lots of choppy layers and cut the hair asymmetrical. Then pair it with blunt Cleopatra bangs.
  • Get a layered asymmetrical bob and keep two long hair edges on both the sides. Then with a blow dryer flip these layers up.
Long Asymmetrical Bob
Long asymmetrical bob can be shoulder length or below it... Here are some cool ideas on long asymmetrical haircuts...
  • Asymmetrical haircuts like bobs look great with asymmetrical bangs. So, try sleek long asymmetrical bob with asymmetrical bangs. If you want to add more to the style, then dye the hair on top blonde and the hair at bottom a dark brown shade.
  • Get some Cleopatra style bangs, and cut them choppy. Then cut the hair asymmetrical and cut them in few layers. Then style them wavy using a sea salt spray to get beach wavy hair.
  • Try this cool look. Keep your hair cut asymmetrical with one side cut really long. Get some cute choppy bangs. Then the side which is longest, tie it in a braid.
These were the various ideas on asymmetrical bobs. So, choose a cool new unique style and add some hair coloring ideas to make your style look even more stylish. You can consider dyeing your hair total shiny raven black or platinum blonde. For a more subtle effect add some skinny foil highlights.
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