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Hairstyles for Asian Girls

Stunning Hairstyles for Asian Girls That Simply Scream Elegance

Asian hair are smooth and silky and super straight. This makes styling easier and more fun. Here are some Asian hairstyles for girls.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2018
Young Asian Woman
Asian women have an added advantage of having beautiful and healthy hair. There is a misconception that all Asians have straight hair, which is not true. Many of them have wavy hair. Moreover, it is shiny and sleek. Now, let us discuss some styling options for Asian hair.
Short Length Hair
Asian Woman
The 'bob' is one of the cutest options for short hair. It is casual, airy, and stylish all at the same time. There is a one length bob, which looks great when the hair is colored. It looks great with casuals like jeans and tank tops as well as with sleek office wear.
Asian Girl bob cut
The asymmetric version of this hairstyle is elegant and classy. The medium length hair at the side of the face are permed slightly, to give the look a soft touch. Round bob haircut with long bangs, looks very great and the face looks smaller due to the bangs.
Medium Length Hair
asian girl layered hairstyle
Asian women with medium length hair can opt for long bangs and loosely-permed hair. This hairstyle is very cool and is also called 'pop and brisk'. The layered hairstyle that include layered bangs is another option which is very easy to style.
Asian Girl In Garden
The layered haircut gives a cute look to your face. It suits teenage girls very well. You can even style these hairstyles with funky colors and accessories.
Long Hair
asian girl Long Hair
A long haircut in gentle layers is a wonderful way to make your hair look great. Permed and cascading long Asian hair look beautiful.
Gorgeous Asian Girl With Makeup
This length allows you to experiment with different hair updos. Some of the simpler ones can even be done by yourself at home.
Hair Care for Asian Women
Shampoo bottles
>> Select a shampoo and conditioner based on the type of your hair. Shampoo regularly to keep the hair clean and healthy.
asian girl combing hair
>> Since the texture of the hair is too thick, use a comb with bigger teeth.
>> To prevent breakage, prevent combing hair when wet.