African Hair Braiding

For days when you have a lot of time and nothing to do, knuckle down to African hair braiding, which is a stunning hairstyle for that mundane unmanageable hair!
There she goes manipulating the crowd! Just when you thought she was sequestered and a recluse, she springs up in an all new confounding avatar that leaves the crowd startled! She is the woman with this new hairstyle. It's chic, it's sophisticated, and exuberant. It's African hair braiding! What is it that braid hairstyles have in them? Why do braided hairstyles turn heads? That's because they are just too sexy, and so easy to maintain! I think, they are something that defines the person you are. Something like your own personality? Or individuality?
Whenever you visit a hair salon, there sure is at least one picture of a model with some crazy twists and braids, isn't it? People who're the 'harum-scarum' kinds are opting for African hair braiding styles to have some glamorous transformation in their looks. So, today, if your hair has stopped listening to you, it's time to say 'howdy!' to this crazily awesome hairstyle that suits hair of almost any length. Sign on to some beautiful hair braiding styles, and make your hair love you!
Different Styles of African Hair Braiding
Cornrows: From Snoop Dogg to David Beckham!
cornrows braid style picture
Cornrow is one of the most prominent African-American braided hairstyles all over the world. To make cornrow braid style, you'd have to braid the hair flat against the scalp, behind your bangs, till the crown of the head. The conventional cornrows are styled in easy and straight lines, but some intricate and cool geometrical designs are a state-of-the-art affair now. These kinds of braids range from front-to-back patterns to styles which involve curves as well as shapes. You can use hair extensions of different colors with cornrows, which can expand the horizons of style options available in cornrow hair braiding. Cornrow braids of all styles can make use of various hair accessories to adorn the braids.
Dookie Braids: Fun With the Length!
dookie braid style picture
So, you have long hair, but it doesn't listen to you. In that case, dookie hair braiding style is the best! Dookie braids begin from the head, and hang freely on the individual ones. You can use multiple braid styles and patterns in this hair braiding design. Create small braids with different hair sections, and keep braiding till the end. Create various hairstyles with it, such as tying all the hair into a pony, or tying just the crown. Accessories such as ribbons, clips, clutchers, rubber bands, etc. can make your braids look even sassier. Dookie braids are an amazing option for African-American hair braiding styles, and have been opted by a lot of fashion freaks all over the world.
Micro Braids: A Rather Flexible Affair!
micro braid style picture
Okay, this might take hours to get done, but is sure worth it! For those looking forward to transform their hair in a neat and professional way, micro braids are one low-maintenance braided updo which give you a total makeover. If your hair lacks volume, you can use this hair braiding style. You need just medium length hair, and start segregating it into small sections. Create braids by using beautiful colorful strings, bobby pins, cool beads, etc. so that they look all the more striking. You might have to spend just a little more time, but when you'll be done, you won't stop appreciating your look!
Tree Braids: Pounce With the Bounce!
tree braid style picture
Tree braids are a natural African hair braiding option which shoves away the use of hair extensions. It allows you to braid the loose sections of hair, adds immense volume as well as length to your hair, and gives your hair the look of a tree. Well, this is why they can cost you up to nearly $20 for each braid! So, if you want a natural hair braiding alternative, you can go for tree braids. Save money by saying 'no' to extensions, and learn how to braid your own hair. Tree braids are also referred to as invisible braids, and require very little maintenance. This kind of hair updo is a great choice whether you're at work or at a party, and gives your hair a much-required break from those 'bad hair days'!
Pixie Braids: Teeny-Weeny!
pixie braid style picture
For young men and women who're looking for the latest and funkiest African-American braided hair styles for short hair, pixie braiding is all they need to get! The best thing about pixie braids is that, it can be worn with almost all kinds of looks you acquire. Whether you're out for a party, or at work, creating pixie braids is one of the best ways of styling short hair. However, you can use this style even if you have longer hair. For an occasion that is formal, you can create pixie braids, and knot them up in a bun. You can also use a beautiful hairpin going well with what you're wearing. For the ones with shorter hair, you can create small sections, and start braiding. Don't forget to end them with a band or a ribbon!
Braids are the best option for people who want an easy makeover for themselves, without much of a money squander. Even though, hair braiding consumes a good amount of time, and might call for a proficient braid stylist to give it the right look, once you're done with it, you'll be free for a long while. Hence, with some of the best African hair braiding styles discussed here, you can shock your friend circle with a total makeover. What's more, you could visit a chic hair salon to get updated about the latest hair braiding styles, and decide on which one can suit you the best. Your poor hairbrush will be able to breathe some air of respite for a while!