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You'll Fall in Love With These African-American Twist Hairstyles

African-American Twist Hairstyles
Women style their hair in many ways. They wear it short or long, style it according to their personalities, color it or just add some highlights. Of the many African-American hairstyles, twist is a popular style opted not only by many women, but can be worn by men as well as tried on kids too. Hair can be twisted using natural or synthetic extensions.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
African-Americans have curly to woolly and wavy to kinky textures. Some also have natural thick straight hair. This two-stranded hairstyle is compatible with all hair textures. There are many ways an Afro-American woman, man or child can style their beautiful hair. The most suitable style for African-American textured hair is the twist. In order to twist your hair, try the following quick and easy steps.
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If you are twisting natural hair, you should first wet your hair. It is easier to twist and style wet hair. You can also apply a holding gel or setting lotion. Part the hair in random or asymmetrical sections. Each section should be divided into two. When using gel, apply it as you part each section. Apply the setting lotion before sectioning the hair.
The size of each hair section should be 1/4 inch to 1 inch. If you have short hair, the sections should be of a smaller size. Large sections do not support short length hair. Also, smaller sections mean more twists. This makes the style look fuller. Once hair is sectioned and divided, two pieces should be twisted around each other till the end. Secure the end with rubber band or beeswax. This ensures that the twists do not unravel.
After drying, African textured hair tends to shorten and swell. When the hair is long, it hangs down and swings. Short hair looks spiky. The other option for twists is unraveling the hair after drying because African textured hair looks too bushy after drying.
Hairstyle with a Twist
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Style your hair in twists by taking 1/2 inch sections from the crown. Holding it straight up, twist it with your fingers. Once you reach the end of the section, take small section of hair in a straight line and move towards the back of your head. As you take the new section, keep twisting it into the initially twisted section. The twist should near the scalp to give it a tighter look. Once you reach the end of your hairline, hold the twist flat onto your head.
Now, start another twist on the right side and continue the same process. Once you complete the section on the right, start a new section on your left. This will help give an even look to the twist. Gather your hair in a ponytail once all the twists are done. You can curl the ends and fasten the long strands using pins. Use a good holding spray to keep your hair in place.
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All you need to do is section and part the hair just as you want to style it. Now, begin from the top of the forehead and take two equal parts of a parted section. Twist these two parts twice. Take the right part over the left, then the left part over the right. Pick you another section and divide it into two equal parts and twist these hair along with the first twist. Keep picking sections of hair after two twist and go on till the nape. Secure the ends with beeswax or rubber band.
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When using synthetic hair extensions, begin at the base by making a braid. Convert it into two strand twist after taking four or five braid stitches. The synthetic extensions can be secured using rubber bands. You can also light the ends with a lighter and roll it into a point or ball using fingertips. This is known as Senegalese twists. Do not use hair gel or holding spray on the extensions.
You should not unravel hair extensions as it does not give the same effect like natural hair. In case of natural hair, you should not twist your hair extensively, as it may cause hair thinning.
Strand twists hairstyle gives a funky look to teenagers. They can also add grace and sophistication to your personality. What's more, these hairstyles can be tried by men, women and children alike. There are a number of hairstyles that can be used along with twisted hair. Tighter the twists, longer the effects. So, are you ready to add 'twist' to your personality?
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