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Popular African-American Short Hairstyles to Don and Look Dapper

African American Short Hairstyles
Wondering what the popular African American short hairstyles are? Here are some of the most popular hairstyles for African Americans.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Woman with dreadlocks
Short hairstyles for African American hair works great, as they are easy to maintain, style, and get.
Woman With Afro
African American hair is very thick and curly, also tends to develop frizz and dryness easily. To maintain long black hairstyles, a lot of hair care measures to keep the hair conditioned and healthy are required. However, short hairstyles require less maintenance.
African-American haircut styles and ideas
Pixie Cuts
Pixie Cuts
Pixie African American hairstyle can cut the hair on the sides into short crops, and the crown hair longer, and style the front section of hair into long side bangs.
Graduated Bob
Woman Smiling
These are great looking hairstyles with bangs. For these, the hair near the nape of the neck is cut short and the hair on sides is kept longer. The front section is then styled into sweeping bangs.
Faux Hawk
Faux hawk haircut
These hairstyles can look good in office, club, parties, etc. For this, the hair on the sides is cut into short crops, and the middle band of hair is kept longer.
Male With Hand In Hair
The hair needs to be straight, and hence hair relaxers, straightening irons, or other forms of straightening are required.
Cornrows haircut for children
Cornrows can be created into various designs. These styles suit men, women, and children, however, these take a long time to style. Also they are very painful, and cannot be done at home. You will need to visit a stylist to get cornrows done in your hair.
Half Cornrows
Half Cornrows
These are similar to cornrows. For half cornrows, the top half of the hair is styled into cornrows, and the rest of the hair is worn down.
Short Dreads
Short dreads haircut for men
Short dreads are popular among children, though some men and women also like to wear them. Go to a stylist to get dreadlocks in your short hair.
Relaxed Afro
Lady with relaxed afro haircut
This hairstyle allows to wear the hair naturally. Short afro styles are worn like a cloud. You can get it trimmed  such that the bangs fall on the forehead.
Straw Curls
Young African Woman Smiling
Straw curls are opted by those in a transition period, and are done using straws or thin perms.
The best African American short hairstyles are natural hairstyles, because, to get them you just need to trim or braid your hair. Also, maintenance of natural hairstyles is easier, because all one needs to do is shampoo it and condition it.