African-American Hairstyles with Bangs

Undeniably Lovely African-American Hairstyles With Bangs

If you are contemplating a haircut and wondering whether or not to get bangs, take a look at some lovely African-American hairstyles with bangs that have been inspired from celebrities across the globe.
Style Tip:
While any type of bangs suit an oval face, angular or bob bangs suit a round face as well as a square-shaped face. When it comes to a triangular or heart-shaped face, side-swept or centrally-parted bangs compliment more than wide fringes.
Hairstyles with bangs have been popular since ages, mainly because they are very easy to be experimented with. All one has to do is ensure that the bangs suit your face shape and voila you have a new look. The shape of the face is critical to choosing a bang style. There are no set rules though, any type of hair or face can sport bangs - long, short, layered, or feathered. African-American women look stunning and can carry off fringes on any hair-type, be it with their beautiful curly hair, straight hair, or braided hair. Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland both were seen sporting bangs at the 2013 Oscars. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sport a hairstyle with bangs or try a combination of the ones mentioned here.

The Essentials
  • Irrespective of your hair type, you need to be armed with certain essentials.
  • Be ready with some leave-in-conditioner, curlers, shine spray, anti-fizz spray, flat iron, and hair wax.
  • While choosing bangs, there are some things that need to be kept in mind, like whether the hair strands are thick or thin, as certain bangs may enhance what one is trying to camouflage.
  • For example, side swept bangs give an impression of fuller hair whereas bangs that come straight down to the eyebrows highlight thin hair. One can opt for super short bangs or bangs that are just above the eyes as shown in the images below.
Straight Bangs
Bangs Style 1

Straight hair are the easiest when it comes to maintaining bangs, followed by wavy and curly hair. A professional straightening job or a flat iron can transform your hair into needle-like straight hair. Straight bangs with shoulder length hair as shown in the image are the easiest to sport and experiment with.

You can either side part your bangs and sweep it to one side to enhance your eyes, or you can let them be as they are and comb them straight down. Anyone can opt for bangs, but it is more suitable for women who have large foreheads and sharp chins. This style derives inspiration from the 50s and 60s and is still a big hit even today.

This hairstyle will definitely look bold and beautiful on women with thick hair. If you are still in doubt whether to consider bangs or not, then go for temporary faux clip-in hair.

* Celebrities Inspiration: Naomi Campbell

Bob Bangs
Bangs Style 2

These bangs work best for both oval and long faces. As shown in the image, these mini bangs, appear to slim down the model's face and can also be a great alternative to Botox. This pixie cut hairstyle looks very cute with straight bangs that are just above the eyebrows.

Short bob hairstyles that are chin length, curly, spiky, or asymmetrical draw more attention to the eyes, so eye-enhancing makeup should be your priority to bring out the best in you. You could also try wearing fake lashes or use multiple coats of mascara to get a dramatic effect.

This type of bangs is quite similar to the rat mall bangs that were popular in the 60s. This Bettie Page inspired style looks really flattering and incredibly versatile on celebrities like Katy Perry, Krysten Ritter, Rooney Mara, and Zooey Deschanel.

* Celebrities Inspiration: Tyra Banks

Parted Bangs
Bangs Style 4

These bangs are fairly popular at the workplace. The hair falls straight down, as shown in this image, but are slightly parted from the right side. That way your hair does not obstruct your vision. All one needs is a little styling gel and a hair dryer to achieve this look. You could accessorize with a headband or a scarf to get that perfect finish and textured look.

These bangs or fringes look perfectly fine on all face types. You can part your hair and place them on either side depending on what suits your face structure. They are easy to work with on wavy as well as straight hair.

Side parted bangs look great on both, long and short hair. They not only flatter one's look but also highlight the cheekbones and the eyes. So, it is important to wear your eye makeup perfectly.

* Celebrities Inspiration: Gabrielle Union

Blunt Bangs
Bangs Style 3

These bangs are somewhat similar to choppy bangs because it adds depth to the face. You may notice a lot of celebrities sporting blunt bangs nowadays. Generally, women with thick strands sport this look and keep the length of the hair either long or short. To complement your look, as shown in this image try mixing these bangs with layers.

These adorable bangs are the best option if you want to look chic or cute without much effort. Get layers or waves, they will add softness to your face or transform your boring ponytail by getting some mega-blunt bangs.

Accessorize this look with a bow clip and bold eye makeup. You could also try highlighting your hair with some trendy colors like red or purple. To maintain this look, blow dry the bangs using a small round brush, the minute you step out of the shower.

* Celebrities Inspiration: Kelly Rowland

Simple Styling Tips
  • Take several pictures of your chosen hairstyle along with you, when you go to the salon. The hair dresser will then be able to give you exactly what you want.
  • You can always ask the hair dresser to suggest what sort of bangs would complement your face and then get a haircut accordingly.
  • When you get a hairstyle with bangs, ensure that you are comfortable with the length of the bangs. It shouldn't irritate the eye or hamper your vision.
  • To keep the bangs away from your eyes, use a little hair wax on the ends.
  • Women with oily hair have to take extra care when it comes to bangs, as oily tresses tend to clump up.
  • Trim your bangs or fringes at a salon but if you are confident enough then do it yourself at home. There are numerous videos on YouTube, check them out before getting fringes or go for a much safer option and get a faux clip-in bangs instead.
As rightly quoted by the French aristocrat and fashion designer, Hubert de Givenchy, "Hairstyle is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself."

We know how a good hairstyle can instantly change our look. Even if one doesn't want to experiment too much with one's present haircut, but at the same time is looking for a change, then hairstyles with bangs is the possible solution. So go ahead, sport bangs, and rediscover the diva in you.