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African-American Braided Hairstyles for Children

Puja Lalwani Jan 10, 2019
Take a look at some of the different African-American braided hairstyles for children, to keep their hair neat and tidy, yet trendy.
With the thick hair texture that African-Americans have, managing it can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to their little ones. As such, choosing from a range of African-American braid hairstyles for them will make their care and maintenance much simpler; above all it keeps their hair neat and tidy.
There are a lot of braid hairstyles that you can opt for, for your little ones. Once the basic braid has been mastered, the number of hairstyles that can be created are endless. Here, some of the popular hairstyles have been mentioned for your little ones.


For cornrows, the hair is to be sectioned into 12 different parts starting from the front and ending at the back, after washing the hair and drying it thoroughly. Try out a zigzag parting for a unique look. All the hair sections are clipped aside, except for one section. That section of hair is divided into three parts, exactly as you do when braiding hair.
This braid is made as close to the scalp as possible from the crown of the hair to the nape of the neck. Each section is treated like this and tied with an elastic band. This hairstyle is suitable for both girls and boys, and can last anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Add beads to the ends of the cornrows for added style, to be coordinated with different outfits.

Partial Cornrows

As the name suggests, partial cornrows are braids that begin at the front and end at the crown of the head, with the rest of the hair left loose. This is an option suited for girls, but some boys with longer hair may choose to go for this style.


Twists are also among those braid styles that suit both boys and girls. This hairstyle, though not exactly a braid hairstyle, can be considered as a variation of one.
It can be done at home by first washing the hair and applying a leave-in conditioner on it. Follow it up by dividing the hair into several sections to determine the number and the size of twists in your child's hair.
The size may vary from thin twists to thicker twists. Use a gel suitable for children's hair, and coat the section of hair you are starting to work with by running your fingers through it.
Now hold the section of the hair, and twist it just like a corkscrew. This will create the twist and make it stay. Add in beads and other accessories for special occasions. This hairstyle will last for at least a week.

Dookie Braids

Dookie braids are suitable hairstyles for kids with long hair.The hair is parted horizontally, at three-quarter inches from the nape of the neck, followed by a vertical parting, so that it is perpendicular to the horizontal parting. This creates four sections of hair. Small braids are made from hair in every section, till all the hair is braided.
The hair can then be tied into a ponytail to keep it neat and tidy. Other accessories such as ribbons and beads may be included while braiding the hair. A variation of this hairstyle is also the popular micro braids hairstyle, where the entire hair is tied into extremely tiny braids and then accessorized by means of several hair accessories.
Some of these hairstyles may have to be done professionally as they take some time and usually a lot of work. For any of these hair braiding styles to look good and keep the hair tidy, it is essential that suitable methods of hair care be followed.
A regular hot oil treatment, along with practicing healthy hair combing methods by using a wide toothed comb will help keep their hair strong and healthy. Also, these braid hairstyles should not be tried on very young children, as their scalp may be sensitive and the entire process may weaken their hair.